This isn’t about wiretapping! It’s about tapping points on the body’s energy channels (meridians) to move stagnant or blocked energy. This powerful technique also uses unconditional love and self-acceptance to help facilitate greater emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance. Tapping can create movement in almost any area of your life in which you feel stuck. You use your fingers to tap on particular acupuncture points, while you keep the issue in your mind and describe the situation as it is, for example: “Even though my knee hurts and I’m afraid it’ll never get better, I completely love and accept myself.”

Whether you’re in physical pain, feeling emotionally down, mentally unclear or experiencing a crisis of meaning, tapping is a highly effective way to release blocked energy, which allows you to move into greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Hard to believe? Try it! 

Jarl and Steve

For instructions on how to Tap, go to this emotional freedom technique video.