Surrender Trumps Suffering

For those times when life gets to be a bit too much or even overwhelming, I’ve found the perfect antidote: surrender. Simply letting go of trying to handle every detail myself is an immense relief. Putting an order in to Existence for assistance can yield amazing results.

I know when a power beyond my conscious mind, (I call my Inner Presence,) has lent me a hand because the results are frequently beyond anything I could have ever imagined myself. I had been through plenty of situations in which I thought I had surrendered. However, I discovered that the first true surrender rarely happens until one is at the end of one’s strategic rope.

I now look at that experience of total exasperation and helplessness as one of the most important and fortunate moments of my life. To truly let go and loosen the mental reins of control is an exercise in faith, which results almost immediately in relief and grace.

For me, because I saw no other options, I could only relax and trust, even though I had no idea of what Existence was about to bring. Within hours, what then flowed into my life was unfathomable. I still marvel when I think of how many changes had to occur in so many people’s lives for everything to fall into place just the way they did for me. But occur they did and the only way I can describe what happened is grace. The gratitude I still feel is profound.

It’s too bad that it so often takes extreme suffering or a feeling of helplessness for us to let go. While none of us would consciously wish suffering on ourselves, having such concrete and convincing evidence of a greater, nurturing intelligence is a true blessing. I’m working on surrendering even the small stuff.