Stop Unhappy Mind Loops

 Stop the Mind Go Round

Does your thinking about a something make you feel:

  • Sad
  • Depressed
  • Frustrated
  • Judgmental
  • Angry?

If so, consider this: your thoughts on the matter are only one interpretation. You may feel that your opinions are well reasoned, justified, and correct. They may even be backed up with facts. But no one is a hundred percent accurate. Fooling yourself into thinking you are, separates you from those you judge and doesn’t ultimately bring you peace or well-being.Your opinion is your ego’s attempt to define itself and keep you separate and superior. It’s fed by a limited, unreliable database of highly subjective and, quite possibly, erroneous beliefs. No matter how many ‘facts’ you marshal to support your premise, there is always more to the equation than you can know or comprehend.

How can you really know if your opinion (over which you may even get very worked up) is accurate? If you were observing the situation from a different altitude, one where more facts and more temporal context exists is it possible you might think differently? You bet! 

Your beliefs give you meaning, but if the meaning you are deriving from your stance is painful and unpleasant, why not take another look?


Try this instead:

When your spin on things makes you feel bad:

Turn your focus to what you’d like to see rather than on what you don’t.

Contrast gives birth to desire. You often only know what you want by knowing what you don’t want. Shifting your attention to creating a desired outcome, not only makes you feel better, it sets you in the right direction for positive change.

You are creating the story of your life every moment. Why not make it one you like and enjoy? Don’t get hijacked into believing that version of reality that you currently perceive is the truth… no one’s is! The good news is that you are always free to rewrite the way you interact with existence. Get started now by subscribing to our daily emails.