Living the Way You Want to?

Are you living the life you want right now? If not, you can be in no time with a little conscious effort. Simply realize that your life is a movie and your mind is the projector. The situations and people in your life are the screen onto which you project your habitual feelings, attitudes and moods.

You may not believe that your thoughts created your present circumstances. It seems like it’s all just happening, right? Just for a moment, consider that any feelings of discontent are just habitual. They originated in reaction to something you experienced in your past. They have been simmering in the background just waiting for outer circumstances or people to project onto. You are unwittingly repeating the version of reality you’ve come to expect. When you’re looking for something, you usually find it. Every person is constantly and often unconsciously looking for proof that their perception of reality is the truth.

Want to play a little game to see how your thoughts are creating your feelings of discontent?

  1. Pick a single unsatisfying aspect of your life.
  2. Refrain from complaining about it for a week.
  3. Make a commitment to yourself to start looking for things you actually like about this person, place or thing.
  4. Write your commitment down.
  5. See how you feel about that issue at the end of the exercise.

It can be difficult to break the habit of fault finding and complaining, but if you want to rewrite the script, you have to rewrite the script! The script is created by all your thoughts, words and actions. Your momentum in life propels you in the direction you’re already going, unless you step in and make a conscious effort to alter your course.

If you are frequently complaining, you will surely encounter more to complain about in your future. When you become conscious of the power to you have to create, you will naturally begin to act as if things already are the way you want them. You’ll be amazed at how quickly transformation occurs. You’ll love the results that you’ll keep doing it and life will get better and better.

You have the choice to interpret your life as you wish. Is it possible you could actually enjoy every aspect of your life? There’s one way you can find out: feed what you love and watch what happens before your very eyes. There’s wisdom in it.

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