Each of the next 4 days, we’ll explore a habit that will…

Make life feel better.

Develop healthy self love

Develop a reflex for finding what’s working

Every time you find fault, try also to find something right with the person or situation

Remember that the vibration you create in your mind and emotional body moment to moment eventually becomes a habit which eventually becomes your life

Don’t assume you’re right and others are wrong, this just makes you resent them and feel indignant

Understand that every human is part of the same tribe and we’re all working out how to survive, thrive and evolve to the very best of our ability‚Ķnobody suffers intentionally

Remember this moment follows from what’s come before, arguing with it is frustrating, nonsensical and futile

Have the humility to recognize that you can’t know if what the future will bring and, as such, mourning your vision of a troubled future is comparable to self-imposed torture that is, quite likely, misguided.

The world is energetic. Even though it may appear that the world operates according to the laws of gross matter, in reality we all inhabit an energetic reality.