Coaching for Happiness

Change How You Feel

  • Understand how everything that happens is for you.
  • Learn how to lovingly establish healthy limits.
  • Eliminate blame, shame and guilt (and the baggage they hold) from your life.
  • Don’t wait for future conditions to materialize before you feel joyful.

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We work with people who are ready to honestly look at their lives and feel hungry for real change. If you are interested in expanding your life experience to include more joy, compassion and flow, send us an email using the form below and describe the general area you’d would like to work on. Leave us your phone number and some convenient times to call. We’ll email or call you back within 24 hours to set up a time for an appointment.


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Sessions last one hour and cost $175. We do our best to work with all motivated clients, regardless of their means.


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