Gratitude Begets Gratitude

The cool thing about feeling grateful is that it sets up an emotional environment inside you that creates a propensity for you to feel this way more often. It’s a gift you give to yourself that keeps on giving! Kind of like a snowball effect. Merry Gratitude,...

Feel Good, Look Good

Focusing on that for which you are grateful feels good. Since your thoughts attract in like kindness, thoughts of gratitude continue to attract that which feels good! Psst: You look irresistible when you feel good! Merci

Loving Thoughts Look Good!

When you appreciate something you are actually being very nice to yourself. You don’t need scientific evidence to prove the effects of loving thoughts. Just take a look at someone in love. I think I love you!

The Only Mantra You Need

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart Suffice it to say, Thank You. Seriously, try repeating “thank you” over and over in your mind without focusing on...