Thinking means using your mind to contemplate something. The more information and experiences you gather, the larger the database you have to access records from the past, categorize and judge. No matter how full the thinking mind is, it’s still biased because of its limited point of view. Awareness, on the other hand, is pure consciousness. undiluted by the subjective point of view that sees everything in relation to itself. It’s the spaciousness from which everything arises. You can access it when agitated or anxious. Sit still, focus on your breath and…

Sink into it.

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Question and Answer Tuesday with Jarl:

Question about Daily Insight: Do What You Want!

Though usually well meaning, parents, siblings, friends and spouses who try to control their loved ones are bound to harvest the bitter fruit of inevitable resentment. While living in a diverse world might require more adjustment and accommodation, trying to satisfy others or struggling to get them to conform to your standards is a battle with no victors. Doing what you love, living life your own way and allowing others to do the same makes everyone…

A whole lot happier.


Question regarding: Do what You Want

If I am sure that what they are doing is completely unworthy of their time, creating suffering for others and themselves, how will I make them realize without advising, without making them feel they are controlled, without making them feel I am trying to change them, without making them think I don’t like the way the are? How will I effect changes without resistance? Signed S.

Dear S,

Thank you for your question. It’s not really possible for any of us to know if what someone else is doing is unworthy of their time. That is a judgment made through the lens of our own conditioning, level of understanding and state of evolution. Because we’re all at different levels and states of awareness, we obviously require different types of experiences for our own evolution. Everyone involved may be getting exactly what they need, even when it doesn’t seem like it to us.

When something someone else does causes me suffering, I look within and sincerely examine the nature and cause of my suffering. I usually find that it has little to do with their actions and more to do with the way I am seeing and interpreting it. Everyone sees the world differently, if only by a small measure.  

In this case, you wouldn’t be able to convince them that you don’t like the way they are because, in truth, you don’t. And since you actually do want them to change, they’d pick up on that.

When faced with this type of situation, I try to accept what’s happening and look for anything I can find that might be perfect with things just as they are. When I do, I can almost always find it. Reality doesn’t make mistakes, it just looks like it sometimes from my limited view. Accepting what is and trusting that it’s this way for a reason opens my eyes to a bigger picture and brings me peace and relief. Thinking that life is doing it wrong keeps me fighting in perpetual resistance and it’s futile. What’s done is already done and always about to transform into something else. When I look for what’s right, the upcoming changes are likely to suit my preferences because I’m already looking in that direction.

Love and light,