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Create happiness, harmony and love by overcoming limiting beliefs that create anxiety, stress, depression and prevent you from achieving your full potential.

Here’s How:

  • Develop Positive Mental Habits

  • Learn to Appreciate This Moment

  • Begin a Daily Practice of Gratitude

  • Invest Time in Yourself


Gratitude 24/7 can help you:




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You can elevate your experience of life by choosing the nature of the thoughts you cultivate. You have the power to improve your life and you can do it nowDaily Wisdom quotes offer you tips on cultivating good habits that give you conscious control over the way you perceive and experience life.You can be successful at living life happily and love your life NOW!


Consciousness CounselorJarl Forsman

Jarl has used gratitude as a focus of meditation for many years. As she is often known to say in her Tai Chi classes, “If you could focus on gratitude 24/7 your mind, body and spirit would be in continuous well-being.” Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, self-inquiry, reflection, many forms of therapy and extensive study of Western psychology and Eastern spirituality, have helped Jarl develop a sincere commitment to living in the moment in peace and joy. She understands the mechanics of what it takes to get happy.

A few days before Thanksgiving 2010, Jarl thought of creating this website and committed to writing one short, wisdom quote each day to send out to friends, acquaintances and beyond.



What Makes People HappySteve Sekhon

Steve started meditating accidentally during a mountain climbing trip in the Himalayas nearly thirty years ago. He has been an avid student of consciousness since then, studying a broad range of spiritual traditions and techniques. He has been studying, practicing, and assisting Jarl in teaching Tai Chi for the last 14 years.


Together, they decided to create the pen name Merci Gracia to remove an identity from the creative process. Each post begins with a rough idea written by either Jarl or Steve and then gets iteratively refined as it is passed back and forth between them until they’re satisfied that it’s worthy of their readers. “It’s a fascinating process that really helps us drill down to the concise point we want to make.”

They decided that they would write about topics that seemed central to their days and lives. Essentially, writing what they need and/or want to hear themselves. “Our goal is to make these succinct, poignant and helpful to as many people as we possibly can. These concepts have helped us tremendously in our lives and we hope that they hold the same possibility for others.” Since beginning Gratitude Twenty Four Seven, Jarl and Steve have found that the regular exercise of writing wisdom quotes inspires and requires them to embody this perspective more and more deeply. They’ve found that the practice is like polishing a stone. The more they do it, the more luster on the stone. In this context, the stone is their vibration and life.


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