In case you missed this: Earlier this year we partnered with an app developer to create an enhanced version of our daily messages. The app includes a feature, which enables you to schedule reminders periodically throughout the day, so you can incorporate the wisdom of the lesson into your daily activities when you can use them most. 

We’ve also signed up an impressive list of other thought leaders who have their own channels. You can sample their messages and change your channel from one author to another easily and at will. 

If you’ve shared our messages periodically with friends or loved ones you can now Spread the joy by giving a year of Gratitude 24-7 for the holidays! Give the gift of the Vibe app for just $35 and they will receive a premium post in the Vibe app every day for a year. What better way to show your love each and every day. We hope you will take advantage and send this caring and thoughtful gift.

The link to the gift page is:

Learn more about the Vibe at:

With love and gratitude, 

Jarl and Steve